Free WordPress Theme Customization: From Drab to Fab! – Sempress Theme

Free WordPress Theme Customization: From Drab to Fab! – Sempress Theme

Looking for a girly and fabulous theme but can’t find any on the free ones? Dont want to spend money to buy theme for your blog? Have you been tweaking your theme for the nth time already but still not satisfied of the result? I know that frustrating feeling.

Most of us especially women, wan’t to have a fabulous and girly theme without the clutter and messy design. Personally, I dont like themes with messy designs and graphics. As much as possible, I want an elegant-looking, minimalist type of theme.

I was browsing through the free themes and I was kind of frustrated because there was none that I like. There was actually but its not a free one. Nope, I’m not gonna spend money for that.

Browse, browse, browse, click, nope, close, browse, browse, browse……

Then I saw the Sempress Theme. Its somehow closer to what I wanted and when I looked on the details, I found out its easy to play around the design. It took me about more or less an hour before I was satisfied with the result.

Sempress Theme Before

Sempress Theme

Sempress Theme After


So, what do you think? Please tell me what you think about my work. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! 🙂

Popping the (new blog) cherry!

Popping the (new blog) cherry!

My first blog post on this blog! This blog is a new one which I created few hours ago with 2 things in my mind: to rant about Lazada and to blog about something I am so much happy about that I want everyone to know but then I realized it would cost me a lot if I will mention it here.  So yep, I can skip that one and just think about something else to write.

Actually I have an old blog which I had since 2006/2007 I think. But it has a lame domain name and I want it to vanish forever from the internet world because its just plain…. tacky. Yeah when we are still a bit younger & naive, we just randomly pick the tackiest names for our blogs, email addresses and whatnot and regret it when we grow a bit older. So I deleted that one and saved myself from humiliation. I hope Google (cache) too would do that.

So… that’s all for now I think. My Lazada rant would be on the next post. Happy reading! 🙂