My Thrift Shop Haul

My Thrift Shop Haul

As promised, here is my post about my not-so-recent-anymore thrift shop haul. I was inspired to post my thrift shop haul when I saw Dulce Candy’s thrift shop haul video. I am a subscriber of Dulce Candy’s Youtube channel and when I saw her video about her haul, I immediately thought I should also post about my thrift shop haul. Watching her video, it made me really envy of those people living in the US. Gawwwwddd they have huge thrift shops with almost million of clothes to choose from! I swear when I happen to visit the US, first thing I would do is to go to a thrift shop! Hehehe

So about my haul, I usually shop at my local favorite thrift shop because their shop is air-conditioned and not too crowdy. And since I am a regular customer, the owner always inform me when her new goods will arrive so that I can get to shop before all the good stuff gets taken! *Evil grin* And withour further ado, here are my thrift shop finds:


The picture on the left is the front and the right is the back of the dress. You can see that it is some kind of an open back dress and there is a chain connecting the two back parts. The hem is kind of like a peplum style. This dress would be great with a white pencil skirt like this one from Polyvore:

Robert Rodriguez Stretch Leather Pencil Skirt


I only bought this top because of the texture. It is very soft and gives you that cuddly feeling. I can never imagine myself wearing this outside but I bought it anyway just wear during those cold nights inside the house. Too fancy, isn’t it? Haha

This overalls is what I really like from this haul. It is so comfortable to wear and so laid back. I can definitely wear this when going to a field trip, beach or even just going to the mall or the grocery.

A Levi’s long-sleeve shirt. I got this with the tag still intact. Its new and a good find! I am currently obsessed with this type of shirts I swear! They are perfect for the rainy weather and it is fashionably okay. Can never go wrong with jeans!


This is a floral blazer perfect for business attires if you don’t want that boring generic business attires or for just casual style. Just wear it with a white tank top and jeans for a casual look or with a white short dress under it to make the blazer stand out for a business attire.


I bought this one because of how comfortable it is and you know, crop tops are on trend these days so I thought why not? Maybe I can pair this with a high-waisted jeans or pencil skirt depending on my mood.


I bought this top because of the intricate design on the front. And it is also some kind of a semi crop top so its on trend. This would be great with a washed out pastel pink pencil skirt and a pair of those trendy sandals like this one from Givenchy for a classy, feminine look: