Free WordPress Theme Customization: Pinks, Dots and Sparkles – Pachyderm Theme

Free WordPress Theme Customization: Pinks, Dots and Sparkles – Pachyderm Theme

I was looking for a free theme that has a wide main panel so that I could post pictures in bigger sizes just like those in fashion blogs but I couldn’t find one. Although it is not really wide and there are few bunch out there that are wide, I still picked the Pachyderm Theme because its simple, the widget can be positioned on the side and not on the bottom of the page(I hate that style), less theme color which makes it easier to pick the overall color of the theme and the font text and the menu panel are already pink!

Free WordPress Theme: Original Pachyderm Theme
Free WordPress Theme: Original Pachyderm Theme


As promised, here is my Theme Customization for the Pachyderm Theme.

Customized Pachyderm Theme
Free WordPress Theme: Customized Pachyderm Theme

I only changed two things on this blog really. The background image and the header. The header took me like almost 2 hours to do because I cant decide whether to put graphics on the side or to just leave the text alone. I was thinking at first to just put a cursive text on the center of the header and that’s it! But I felt that the header doesn’t really show who I am. So I decided to put a computer icon in the middle and put on some artsy stuff to kinda show that I have two sides which are the tech side and the artsy side. But the result wasn’t what I expected. So I browsed on the web for some inspiration. Then I saw this vector graphic of a girl with a laptop that is so cute. Obviously I cannot use that, so I made one instead. Its not as cute as the one I saw but I am satisfied with what I made (Let me know if you find it cute!). I also had to switch font style and the color a lot of times because I can’t decide which are better – from black to white to black again. And the header background, oh boy you just don’t know how many times I changed that! The violet-ish background was supposed to be peach but the skin color of the girl kinda mixed in with the background. I was already tired so I just settled for peach background with dotted pattern as the outer background. I put on some shadows and voila! there’s my header.

I removed the original pale yellow textured background and replaced it with the background that I made. I simply put some heart ornaments on a transparent background. Actually, I positioned the ornaments on both sides, left and right, but I feel like there’s too much going on already and plus my header, its total chaos. So I removed the ornament on the left and just retained the one on the right. Much better, right? What do you think?


So that’s it for my theme customization! Please let me know if you like my new theme or if you have suggestions to help it improve! See you on my next post! xo



Free WordPress Theme Customization: From Drab to Fab! – Sempress Theme

Free WordPress Theme Customization: From Drab to Fab! – Sempress Theme

Looking for a girly and fabulous theme but can’t find any on the free ones? Dont want to spend money to buy theme for your blog? Have you been tweaking your theme for the nth time already but still not satisfied of the result? I know that frustrating feeling.

Most of us especially women, wan’t to have a fabulous and girly theme without the clutter and messy design. Personally, I dont like themes with messy designs and graphics. As much as possible, I want an elegant-looking, minimalist type of theme.

I was browsing through the free themes and I was kind of frustrated because there was none that I like. There was actually but its not a free one. Nope, I’m not gonna spend money for that.

Browse, browse, browse, click, nope, close, browse, browse, browse……

Then I saw the Sempress Theme. Its somehow closer to what I wanted and when I looked on the details, I found out its easy to play around the design. It took me about more or less an hour before I was satisfied with the result.

Sempress Theme Before

Sempress Theme

Sempress Theme After


So, what do you think? Please tell me what you think about my work. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! 🙂