Zalora Shoes Haul!!!

Zalora Shoes Haul!!!

One night I was browsing through my emails, then that golden email from Zalora popped out saying that they are on sale. Of course my impulsive-buyer side suddenly awaken and the next thing I knew I was adding shoes on my cart! Haha! Oh by the way, Zalora is an online fashion retailer that sells clothes, shoes and other fashion items.

Given my shoe size, it is really difficult for me to find shoes that are perfect for me. I’ve been looking for a simple, black balerina flats in some physical stores in my area but I cannot find one that fits me. So when I saw this balerina flats at Zalora, I immediately added it on my cart. These flats are from a brand called Rubi.  And you know what else is perfect? The only size left is size 40 which is my size!!! Its definitely meant to be! ❤


I am also eyeing this strappy sandals from the brand C’ntro. My original choice was in the color brown but unfortunately, they ran out of size 40. But I also love the white one, its perfect for the summer!


I’ve been looking for this kind of sandals before but I can’t find any decent looking one with a reasonable price. The one on Birkenstock is just too pricey and I cant shell out that much money for just a sandal. Good thing I saw this on Zalora! This pair would be perfect for my trip to the beach this summer!


Channeling my inner makeup artist

Channeling my inner makeup artist

woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face

Did I mention that I love makeup and I definitely love to be a makeup artist? I think it all started when I decided to do my own makeup on my college graduation day 3 years ago, which was a disaster by the way(not the event but the makeup) because well, I am just a noob back then. I bought a few stuff and then I was amazed how these simple powders can do wonders to your face. With the right makeup product, it can transform you into a different person! Isn’t that amazing?

Back then, all I have were just concealer, lipstick, eyeliner and an eye shadow quad. I feel embarrassed at how ignorant I am of these things back then. I didn’t know the difference between a concealer and a foundation so I used concealer as my base. And oh boy, if only I can travel back in time, I would blend the hell out of my eyeshadow! Haha! Geez I didn’t know blending is a thing! I thought putting an eye shadow is enough already. Hahaha!

But of course, it was all back then. I am better now or so I thought. Youtube has been my teacher in these past years. I’ve watched a lot of Youtube channels about makeup tutorials, I’ve subscribed to a lot of beauty gurus to better my skill but I have yet to get a certification from a reputable make-up artist. That would be my next target – to take makeup classes and hopefully get certified.

I’ve done a few gigs recently and one of them was my cousin’s makeup for her prom. It was just a simple and elegant look. Nothing too complicated. Here she is in natural light after I put on her makeup:


I also did her hair. The mesh/lace/sequined neckline on her dress is the highlight of her dress so I had to put her hair up so that it wont cover her neckline. It was just a simple messy updo. Nothing too fancy

Products that I used:


  • Anew Genics – To moisturize her skin
  • Maybelline Baby Skin – To minimize her pores and act as a primer to help the makeup glide on smoothly. And also to help keep her T-zone dry throughout the night
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder – To make her face shine free
  • E.L.F. Bronzer
  • BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette


  • Etude House Eyeshadow Primer – prevents the lid from creasing and it helps the eyeshadow to stay on longer
  • Shawil Eyeshadow and BH Cosmetics 26 Color Neutral Eyeshadow Palette 
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
  • Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Mascara
  • Falsies from Daiso


  • NYX Lipliner and Lipstick
Current Favorites!

Current Favorites!

current favorites

Hello, readers! OMG when was the last time I wrote a blog post? I can’t even remember when, it must be ages ago! But hey, I am finally back! I’ve been caught up with work and other gigs that I didn’t have time anymore to post here. I am still busy with my work and other stuff but I thought it’s time to make a new post. I actually miss writing here so that’s another plus and I really, really wanted this blog to grow content-wise.

Choosing what to write about the comeback post was a bit hard. I was running out of ideas but then I remember I am liking a lot of products recently so why not share them all to you? So without further ado, here are my current favorites in the cosmetics and skincare department:

 Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Body Mist

I really love the smell of this body mist! Although it has coconut in it, it is not too overpowering. I don’t generally like coconut in any cosmetic product but this one is an exemption. The lemon sugar and coconut combination really works for me.

Body Treats Moisturizing Body Scrub

This one also smells divine! I love anything that smells lavender because it so relaxing and the scent is not too overpowering. What I also love about this one is that it really leaves your skin smooth. And I got a great deal for this! Buy 1 take 1 for Php 100.00 at Watson’s!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm

Most of the pressed powders that I have tried would look cakey on me. But this one isn’t!

Anew Genics Moisturizer 

I love the consistency of this moisturizer. It is liquidy and runny so its a plus for me. I hate moisturizers that are too thick which is hard to apply.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Caramel

Its never too late to join the bandwagon yeah?  This foundation has been my go-to foundation since the day I bought it and it will stay as it is until forever.

Rimmel London Match-Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter in Medium

This concealer hides my blemishes really well. And when I put it under my eyes to hide the dark circles under my eyes, it gets the job done. And also it looks really natural on me that people don’t even notice I am wearing a concealer.

San San Nail Polish in Warm Mocha

I love anything nude because it makes anyone look classy and neat. And this shade is a perfect nude color for my skin tone. This nail polish is so opaque that 1 coat is already enough.

Nyx Round Lipstick in Minimalism and Nyx Lipliner in 810 Natural

These two are a perfect combination. The lipstick is so creamy that it glides on my lips smoothly and gives me this gorgeous purple-ish pink shade. I also wear the lipliner on its own and it gives me the most natural looking lips ever. Love these!

DIY: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

DIY: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a trend these days. I personally like them because of its comfortability and the laid-back look (I love laid-back style!). And boy are those difficult to find and of course expensive! This Boyfriend Jeans from Levi’s costs $88! No way I am gonna spend that much for that!

Levi’s 501 Boyfriend Jeans – $88

So if you don’t mind the cost of that jeans, then by all means, go ahead and purchase that. But if you’re on a tight budget just like me, just read more as I will teach you on how to make one.


  • old or new jeans; preferably baggy men’s jeans
  • tweezers
  • scissors/cutter
  • needle


20140924_214118 1. Get your scissors or your cutter and cut two parallel lines on the jeans. Length of the lines and the distance between the two depends on your preference.

20140924_214354 2. Get your needle and start undoing the threads. You will only do this at first, dont worry. You can remove 5 or more threads using the needle so that it would be easier to pull out the threads later.


3. When you feel like its enough then start pulling the vertical threads out using your tweezers.

20140924_215434 4. This is how it looks like after pulling the threads. Just keep on doing it until none is left between the parallel lines. Just repeat the process if you want to add another one.

20140924_2206335. And this is the finished product. Now I can’t wait to rock this pants on!

My Thrift Shop Haul

My Thrift Shop Haul

As promised, here is my post about my not-so-recent-anymore thrift shop haul. I was inspired to post my thrift shop haul when I saw Dulce Candy’s thrift shop haul video. I am a subscriber of Dulce Candy’s Youtube channel and when I saw her video about her haul, I immediately thought I should also post about my thrift shop haul. Watching her video, it made me really envy of those people living in the US. Gawwwwddd they have huge thrift shops with almost million of clothes to choose from! I swear when I happen to visit the US, first thing I would do is to go to a thrift shop! Hehehe

So about my haul, I usually shop at my local favorite thrift shop because their shop is air-conditioned and not too crowdy. And since I am a regular customer, the owner always inform me when her new goods will arrive so that I can get to shop before all the good stuff gets taken! *Evil grin* And withour further ado, here are my thrift shop finds:


The picture on the left is the front and the right is the back of the dress. You can see that it is some kind of an open back dress and there is a chain connecting the two back parts. The hem is kind of like a peplum style. This dress would be great with a white pencil skirt like this one from Polyvore:

Robert Rodriguez Stretch Leather Pencil Skirt


I only bought this top because of the texture. It is very soft and gives you that cuddly feeling. I can never imagine myself wearing this outside but I bought it anyway just wear during those cold nights inside the house. Too fancy, isn’t it? Haha

This overalls is what I really like from this haul. It is so comfortable to wear and so laid back. I can definitely wear this when going to a field trip, beach or even just going to the mall or the grocery.

A Levi’s long-sleeve shirt. I got this with the tag still intact. Its new and a good find! I am currently obsessed with this type of shirts I swear! They are perfect for the rainy weather and it is fashionably okay. Can never go wrong with jeans!


This is a floral blazer perfect for business attires if you don’t want that boring generic business attires or for just casual style. Just wear it with a white tank top and jeans for a casual look or with a white short dress under it to make the blazer stand out for a business attire.


I bought this one because of how comfortable it is and you know, crop tops are on trend these days so I thought why not? Maybe I can pair this with a high-waisted jeans or pencil skirt depending on my mood.


I bought this top because of the intricate design on the front. And it is also some kind of a semi crop top so its on trend. This would be great with a washed out pastel pink pencil skirt and a pair of those trendy sandals like this one from Givenchy for a classy, feminine look:

How To: Online shopping in the US from the Philippines

How To: Online shopping in the US from the Philippines

Photo from Star Central Magazine
Photo from Star Central Magazine

Online shopping is not that big of a thing yet in the Philippines. I only know two online sites that I can go to shop online that are reputable and trustworthy and these are Zalora and Lazada. But the varieties and the items they offer isn’t that much and they still lack items on some departments. Big clothing and shoes brands such as Nike, Forever21, H&M, etc. still doesn’t have an online store and perhaps it’ll take years for them to even consider to invest on this market. Ebay is there but I don’t really trust it because of the huge count of scammers on the site. And don’t even get me started with AyosDito and Sulit!

So to aid my needs, I tried online shopping in the US. At first I was hesitant because I feel like the cost of the shipping from US to the Philippines will cost more than the actual money that I will save if I buy goods in the US. But the curiosity in me give in. I researched about this well – forums, blogs, etc – and gathered all the information that I needed. So how did I do it? Just keep on reading. 🙂

1. First, find a reputable and trustworthy cargo forwarders. A cargo forwarder company will be the one who will ship your goods to the Philippines. So why would you use a cargo forwarder instead when some of the US online stores offers shipping from US to the Philippines? The answer is because of BOC (Bureau of Customs). You don’t wanna deal with these guys. Cargo forwarders will be the one who will deal with the Customs agents once your goods arrive in the Philippines thus avoiding corruption because they know what the real cost/fees are to be paid to BOC. If you don’t use a cargo forwarder, you will be the one who will go to BOC office and pay for the fees, process import documentation, etc. and you don’t want that I guarantee you, unless of course you actually want to do that which is weird lol. There are a lot of cargo forwarder companies out there but you have to choose which one is reputable, trustworthy and of course, suits your budget. The following cargo forwarders were the ones that I already tried and tested:

POBox – This is by far, the best cargo forwarder that I have tried and that is why I keep on patronizing them. Actually, my 3rd box is already on its way. 🙂


They only offer Sea Freight:

Black Box (Any Box with Total Dimensions Less Than 43”) – $30.00

Yellow Box (Any Box with Total Dimensions of 43”-50”) – $40.00

Red Box (23” x 16” x 17”) – $52.50

Blue Box (23” x 20” x 17”) – $62.50

Green Box (24” x 18” x 24”) – $75.00

Pros: package tracking is detailed, fast, cheap

Cons: slow customer service

My Shopping Box – I never had the chance to use their Air freight so I can’t really comment on that. What I used before is their Ocean freight and it was a bit slow. I have two packages before, one using POBox and the other one I used My Shopping Box, both have the same departure date from the US. Guess which one arrived first? Yes, POBox.


Subscription Fee: $25 / year but if you will get a Gcash Amex Card, the subscription fee is free. (They partnered with Globe)

Air Freight Class 1: $5.99 / pound

Air Freight Class 2: $8.50 / pound

Sea Freight: $2.99 / pound

Pros: Rates, customer service is good

Cons: A bit slow, Package tracking is not detailed.

Johnny Air  – I had the worst experience with them and vowed to never use their service again! They claimed that my package will arrive in 5 – 10 business days but my packages arrived after 10 or more days. The last one was the worst because it arrived after a month!!!

Rates: I am not really sure how much but I think its around $ 6.99 / lbs.

Pros: Fast(most people said), they have a New Jersey address which basically means no sales tax on most online stores!!!!

Cons: Expensive, Bad customer service

Filoutet:  – This is the first cargo forwarder that I used. My experience with them is good actually. But I never tried to use their service again because I find it a bit expensive.

Box Rates: 

Ocean Freight (No weight limit):

Medium (24 x 12 x 12 inches): $65 -Luzon        $75 – Vis/Min

Large ( 24 x 18 x 18 inches):   $85 – Luzon        $95 – Vis/Min

Air Freight: 

Small ( 7x7x7 inches):   $45 – Luzon     $50 – Vis/Min   Limit: 6 lbs / 2.7 kg

Medium ( 12x12x12 inches):   $70 – Luzon     $75 – Vis/Min   Limit: 11 lbs / 5 kg

Large ( 24x12x12 inches):   $130 – Luzon     $135 – Vis/Min   Limit: 21 lbs / 9.5 kg

Pros: Consolidate your items, fast, good customer service

Cons: Expensive


2. Get a credit card, prepaid card or virtual card! Or even Paypal! This is really necessary. How else would you be able to purchase if you don’t have these? If you are not eligible to get a credit card, try a prepaid car or a virtual card. Personally, I use BPI’s My E-Prepaid card. Just go to BPI’s website to learn more about this. Another precard that you can use is Union Bank’s Eon Card. BUT some online stores doesn’t accept international cards (Footlocker, Nike, Adidas, Sephora, Forever21, H&M, MAC, MACY’s, etc.) Put that sad face away! We have a solution to this! Hurray to Globe’s Gcash AMEX Card! Globe partnered with American Express so that we can have a virtual AMEX prepaid card which we can use. (Stay tuned for my other post about this and the process to get a Gcash Amex Card and other prepaid cards). Now that you have a credit/prepaid card, lets proceed to the most exciting part: online shopping!!!!

3. Go to your favorite US online shopping store and start shopping! I listed below some known online stores where you can buy goods. Still not sure how to buy online? Here is a flowchart that shows you the usual process:

When you checkout your items, you will be asked to enter your shipping address(meaning the address where the items will be sent in the US). Just enter the US address that the cargo forwarder has given you which is usually their warehouse address in the US. The store will send the items to that address and the cargo forwarder will be the one who will send the items to your address in the Philippines.

NOTE: Don’t buy anything beyond 12 items of each kind or else it’ll be considered as commercial quantity and the cargo forwarders might refuse to ship that. For example, you can only buy 12 or less quantity of shoes regardless of the size, color, style,etc. 

Easy, isn’t it? But please don’t blame me if you’ll get addicted to online shopping! :p

Online stores/sites where you can shop (*UPDATED*):

Online stores/sites that accepts International cards:


Free WordPress Theme Customization: Pinks, Dots and Sparkles – Pachyderm Theme

Free WordPress Theme Customization: Pinks, Dots and Sparkles – Pachyderm Theme

I was looking for a free theme that has a wide main panel so that I could post pictures in bigger sizes just like those in fashion blogs but I couldn’t find one. Although it is not really wide and there are few bunch out there that are wide, I still picked the Pachyderm Theme because its simple, the widget can be positioned on the side and not on the bottom of the page(I hate that style), less theme color which makes it easier to pick the overall color of the theme and the font text and the menu panel are already pink!

Free WordPress Theme: Original Pachyderm Theme
Free WordPress Theme: Original Pachyderm Theme


As promised, here is my Theme Customization for the Pachyderm Theme.

Customized Pachyderm Theme
Free WordPress Theme: Customized Pachyderm Theme

I only changed two things on this blog really. The background image and the header. The header took me like almost 2 hours to do because I cant decide whether to put graphics on the side or to just leave the text alone. I was thinking at first to just put a cursive text on the center of the header and that’s it! But I felt that the header doesn’t really show who I am. So I decided to put a computer icon in the middle and put on some artsy stuff to kinda show that I have two sides which are the tech side and the artsy side. But the result wasn’t what I expected. So I browsed on the web for some inspiration. Then I saw this vector graphic of a girl with a laptop that is so cute. Obviously I cannot use that, so I made one instead. Its not as cute as the one I saw but I am satisfied with what I made (Let me know if you find it cute!). I also had to switch font style and the color a lot of times because I can’t decide which are better – from black to white to black again. And the header background, oh boy you just don’t know how many times I changed that! The violet-ish background was supposed to be peach but the skin color of the girl kinda mixed in with the background. I was already tired so I just settled for peach background with dotted pattern as the outer background. I put on some shadows and voila! there’s my header.

I removed the original pale yellow textured background and replaced it with the background that I made. I simply put some heart ornaments on a transparent background. Actually, I positioned the ornaments on both sides, left and right, but I feel like there’s too much going on already and plus my header, its total chaos. So I removed the ornament on the left and just retained the one on the right. Much better, right? What do you think?


So that’s it for my theme customization! Please let me know if you like my new theme or if you have suggestions to help it improve! See you on my next post! xo



Blog Theme Makeover

Blog Theme Makeover

Wow, its been a while since I last posted on here! Its been what, almost 8 months already! I definitely need to write a new post!  I was too caught up with work stuff that I got no time to write on this blog let alone just check it. Actually, I even forgot what my blog’s domain name is! I had to go through my old emails to check for the domain when I decided to check this blog. Crazy!

I’ve been thinking lately what stuff to write in here. Well, I was thinking about two. First thing would be the makeover of this blog because I think its a little outdated. And the second thing is the clothes that I got from my thrift shop trip a.k.a. in the Philippines, Ukay-ukay. I was inspired to do that when I was watching Dulce Candy’s thrift shop haul on Youtube and I love the things she got! Boy, I swear I just wanna go over to the US to just shop at their thrift shops right now! I’d be like a little girl in a candy store I imagine. :p

So, I am currently browsing through free WordPress themes to see if I can find something and turn it into something that I like. Well, I wont have any problem if I will just make a theme/child theme from scratch but my account is just the free ones so I can’t really use the customized css/html feature.  I will start working on the new theme on the weekend probably. I will post another blog entry once it is finished. Can’t wait for you to see the finished product! Til my next post! See yah! 🙂

Free WordPress Theme Customization: From Drab to Fab! – Sempress Theme

Free WordPress Theme Customization: From Drab to Fab! – Sempress Theme

Looking for a girly and fabulous theme but can’t find any on the free ones? Dont want to spend money to buy theme for your blog? Have you been tweaking your theme for the nth time already but still not satisfied of the result? I know that frustrating feeling.

Most of us especially women, wan’t to have a fabulous and girly theme without the clutter and messy design. Personally, I dont like themes with messy designs and graphics. As much as possible, I want an elegant-looking, minimalist type of theme.

I was browsing through the free themes and I was kind of frustrated because there was none that I like. There was actually but its not a free one. Nope, I’m not gonna spend money for that.

Browse, browse, browse, click, nope, close, browse, browse, browse……

Then I saw the Sempress Theme. Its somehow closer to what I wanted and when I looked on the details, I found out its easy to play around the design. It took me about more or less an hour before I was satisfied with the result.

Sempress Theme Before

Sempress Theme

Sempress Theme After


So, what do you think? Please tell me what you think about my work. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! 🙂