Blog Theme Makeover

Blog Theme Makeover

Wow, its been a while since I last posted on here! Its been what, almost 8 months already! I definitely need to write a new post!  I was too caught up with work stuff that I got no time to write on this blog let alone just check it. Actually, I even forgot what my blog’s domain name is! I had to go through my old emails to check for the domain when I decided to check this blog. Crazy!

I’ve been thinking lately what stuff to write in here. Well, I was thinking about two. First thing would be the makeover of this blog because I think its a little outdated. And the second thing is the clothes that I got from my thrift shop trip a.k.a. in the Philippines, Ukay-ukay. I was inspired to do that when I was watching Dulce Candy’s thrift shop haul on Youtube and I love the things she got! Boy, I swear I just wanna go over to the US to just shop at their thrift shops right now! I’d be like a little girl in a candy store I imagine. :p

So, I am currently browsing through free WordPress themes to see if I can find something and turn it into something that I like. Well, I wont have any problem if I will just make a theme/child theme from scratch but my account is just the free ones so I can’t really use the customized css/html feature.  I will start working on the new theme on the weekend probably. I will post another blog entry once it is finished. Can’t wait for you to see the finished product! Til my next post! See yah! 🙂


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